Raw Pelts

Basically Bush suppliers of unique, quality possum fur, and fur products to you from the forests of New Zealand

We have the capacity to supply 200,000 possum pelts annually. We can consign large numbers on receipt of forward orders.
Possum is a mid-range manufacturing fur. It is ideal for trim, linings and accessories. It also has many applications for home decor, it can be manufactured into throws and cushions It dyes well in all colours, and can be bleached. When dyed and shorn to 15-20 mm it has a very similar appearance to mink. The leather is strong, and stitches well.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Basically Bush Ltd harvests, procures, processes and finishes all their possum fur skins to a high quality standard. The leather is both strong and uncompromised.

We Guarantee that the size, grade and fur meets the quality criteria outlined below. We will replace any skin within 14 days of delivery, that does not meet the quality, size or grade criteria of the product ordered.

Raw Possom Skin Specifications

1st to 3rd grade, in sizes medium to X Large. Natural browns and greys. The remainder are used as fur fibre in the   manufacture of yarn.

 Possum is a wild fur, and as such has flaws, and variable fur length and density. This is why we are very careful about   what we select for processing. Harvesting occurs during our winter months (July to October) to minimise variability.


X Large - Length minimum of 58cm from the base of the tail to the ear holes
Large - Length minimum of 56cm from the base of the tail to the ear holes
Medium - Length minimum of 50-55cm from the base of the tail to the ear holes

NB: The amount of stretch in a pelt varies from pelt to pelt