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The hollow fibre of the Brush-tail Possum fur is the reason for its’ many unique and wonderful qualities. The only other animal known to have hollow fur fibre is the polar bear.

Not only does the hollow fibre allow for warmth without weight, but it is able to stabilise body temperature in all weather conditions. It can draw moisture away from the body as is the case in the Untamed Shoe Inner-soles.

Untamed wish to share with you these exciting qualities that result in warm, lightweight luxurious creations. All products are custom made especially for you. Please allow 4 weeks from date of order to dispatch.

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Fur Cuffs

Fur Cuffs

Fur Pompoms

10cm pompom Natural colours only

Fur Scarf - Pom Pom Style

Pom Pom Scarf

Fur Scarf - Loop

The UNTAMED Short Loop Scarf is ideal for wearing with a coat or jacket to keep out the winter wind


One Size

Fur Muff

Great for keeping your hands warm

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