Where to in 2015

Hi all and welcome to 2015.

Last year ended on a bit of a flat note with prices at the bottom end of what had been offered over the previous eighteen months. While the exchange rate had some influence in this it was not the main contributing factor. As mentioned in previous posts China drives supply and demand in the market. When China is on a roll then prices tend to trend up on the back of strong demand. However the market in China was cautious last year due to inventories that had not been cleared from the 2013 season hence the downward trend in price. This situation still persists in the Chinese market, and I expect that we will continue to see the same trends for 2015 as we saw for 2014. I do believe however that the market has bottomed out in this regard,and that prices should stabilize over the 2015 season.
All in all I think that this year will be very similar to last, there will be moderate demand, with all buyers being very price sensitive in the market. There will undoubtedly be spot prices this year that are above the norm, but remember the old saying a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
There will be some moderate demand for skins this year but we will be selective in terms of the region they come from ,and the grade.This year we are creating an approved supplier register for skin purchases,so if you would to supply us this year you will need to make arrangements with us early in the season to ensure that you are on the list.

Check out the link below, a good news story out of the US, let us know if you think that we should do something like this here. I am sure the P.C brigade might have something to say.
I say that we need something like this to make sure that our industry is proactive in making sure that the next generation of trappers/hunters are comming through.  
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I have enclosed a photo below from the holidays .Just after new year family and friends head up the river and visit one of the huts. This year we had a young German couple on the team as well.This was a totally new experience for them and they loved it.
The bush needs friends,and the more we use it the safer it will be for future generations

Good hunting and trapping

Steve Boot