Things Possum in May

Well its been a while since my last post,so I thought that we should bring you up to date with whats happening with things possum. 

Fur Prices

As you will all be aware the fur price has been very flat so far this year. This is entirely due to market conditions with demand out of China being very subdued. However this has picked up somewhat over the last several months , with demand exceeding supply for the first time in six months or so. So you will be very happy to see that market forces are prevailing and prices are about to improve. For those of you that are on our texting list you will already be aware that as of Friday 8th of May prices will rise by $10/kg. For those of you that are not on our list it might be worth contacting your local agent and getting you phone number on our list, this will ensure that you get information hot of the press so to speak.

New Zealand Fur Council Memorandum with Department of Conservation

Recently the New Zealand Fur council announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) with D.O.C. 
The focus of this memorandum was to promote and encourage more hunters into conservation managed lands to harvest possums for the fur trade. The rational being that if there are more hunters operating in conservation lands then more possums are being removed and all parties benefit.It is worth noting that in this memorandum D.O.C actually acknowledges that fur harvesting can play a part in conservation outcomes,and this is highly significant. It does not as some commentators have suggested mean that hunters have to be part of the NZFC in order to access Conservation Managed lands in order to trap possums. One of the things that it does say is that the NZFC will develop a code of conduct in consultation with DOC around how fur harvesting operations are conducted on said lands. This is a very positive thing as in my view it is the beginning of a process that will ultimately see fur harvesting as a well organised  and professional occupation that has a part to play in attaining recognised conservation outcomes. In my view hunters need to get on board and join the NZFC this industry need to have a voice, and your participation will help achieve this. If you want further information about the NZFC or how to join go to 

Selling Your Skins

For those of you who would like to supply us with skins this year please contact the tannery on 06 3765884 and talk with Mike about prices and how to go about getting them there.

Well as I look out my window as I am posting this I can see the mist rolling in over the hills as the rain moves in. We are located on the eastern edge of the Urewera, and on a day like this you can understand why the people here are called the children of the mist.
Thats it for now

Steve B